President Obama abhors the Republicans making political hay out of rising gas prices. It didnít bother him in 2008, when speculators raised the roof momentarily at a most fortuitous time in his election bid.

In this case, however, Obama has helped create the American energy shortfall. His Environmental Protection Agency continuously attacks the fossil-fuel industries, arbitrarily trying to close down West Virginia coal mines, offshore oil drilling, electrical generation plants and refineries.

He stopped the Keystone XL pipeline in the name of environmentalism and political expediency. We have assured a constant, reliable supply of Canadian oil for China, which contracted with Canada once we let the world know we werenít interested.

Yet the administration doesnít blink an eye providing funding for Brazilian oil development, in which, by the way, billionaire George Soros, Obamaís political mentor and financial backer, also has invested.

Obama does profess an energy theology. Previously, he has said we must raise and keep gas and oil prices high to force people to alternative sources of energy to reduce carbon pollution. Except these wondrous alternatives donít exist now, and they wonít in the near- to mid-term.

So far, the miracle alternative energy companies the government supports have failed or are failing. Accordingly, we will keep being saddled with rising energy prices, thus reducing disposable income with the commensurate negative impact on the economy.

A better plan would be to exploit the safe and reliable oil and gas reserves of North America while seriously engaging in alternative energy development. You keep energy costs relatively low now, thus helping the economy, while preparing for the future transition that will need to occur at some point, but for which we are not now technically capable.

Ernest W. Liska


Nationalize ?the oil industry?

Far be it from me to start calling people names. Iíll leave that to those on political talk shows. However, I am more than willing to believe that when people are running for president of the United States, they are telling the truth about their intended actions.

Recently, we have heard statements from Republican candidates claiming that they would control the price of gas if elected president.

Now, if we are to believe the candidates are not lying, and we all should hope they are not, there is only one way they could accomplish their goal.

That would be to take over the ownership and operation of the oil companies, as Socialist Hugo Chavez has done in Venezuela.

Since the United States produces only a portion of the oil we use, the only way for the president to keep the price low would be to have the federal government use tax dollars to buy oil on the world market, increasing the federal debt by billions every year.

No doubt there will be some conservatives who donít want to face the fact that their potential candidate intends on nationalizing the oil industry, but the only other option would be to admit the candidates are knowingly lying to the public just so they can get elected and have no intention of controlling the price of gas.

Controlling energy prices would cut into the profits of their puppet masters, such as the oil speculators on Wall Street and billionaires like the Koch brothers.

Roger Marble


Reason for change

I feel that members of Congress are like diapers.

They should be changed quite often, for the same reason.

Ed Hickey