I have a question for all Republicans, Democrats, independents and anyone in between: Have you ever changed your viewpoint when you read a scathing and insulting shared posting on Facebook that attacks your political beliefs or states “facts” in opposition to your stance on an issue? Never, right?

So, why do you then retaliate and do the exact same thing? What is to be gained by this action except more division, misunderstanding and anger? It’s said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I’ve even reached the point that when I’m with like-minded people and the same topics are discussed ad nauseam, I want to scream.

I may agree with what is being said, but it serves no purpose other than to get everyone riled up.

How often do we hear that our Congress is unwilling to compromise anymore, resulting in nothing getting done? Does Congress imitate the people or are the people imitating Congress? The answer doesn’t matter. What does matter is that everyone needs to quit with the childish behavior of posting tit for tat and work for real solutions — ones that will require work and compromise on both sides.

I propose that no one be allowed to complain unless you are willing to do something to initiate change — make phone calls, donate, write letters, volunteer at your local election office, or for once, please talk to the other side.

Until or unless you do get involved, please refrain from perpetuating the division in our country.

Patty Lovell


Not hard to say goodbye

I’m not a congregant of the King James House of Worship.

The only reason he swung back to Cleveland was not due to his longing to return to his roots, but because he knew with Kyrie Irving he had a good chance of advancing to The Finals. Without Kyrie, he picked up his bags to look for riches on the West Coast.

I respect players like Larry Bird (Boston Celtics) and Magic Johnson (Los Angeles Lakers) a little more. They didn’t win the championship every year but stayed with one team, for better or worse, richer or poorer, in good times and bad, until retirement did they part.

I welcome a new era in Cleveland without LeBron.

Bill Lucey


Ignoring the will of the people

Regarding the June 30 letter “Stay off the path of attack,” the writer stated: “ … for good or ill, Donald Trump was elected by the American people to lead our nation.”

But was he? Trump was actually selected by the Electoral College. Hillary Clinton was elected by millions of more votes. And the will of the majority of Americans was ignored. Is it really any wonder that our nation is where it is: spiritually, morally, and fiscally bankrupt?

Lawrence R. Cook


Welcome addition

I want to congratulate the Beacon Journal for adding Marc Thiessen to its op-ed page. His commentary will be fact-based, nonhysterical and nondemeaning to those with opposing views. Your readers will get to see issues from a levelheaded, principled, conservative viewpoint. Too many other commentators demean and ridicule their opponents. This is a refreshing addition to your newspaper.

As usually happens after one of my letters appears in your paper, I will probably get a phone call from some anonymous fool who will call me all kinds of nasty names. This is what the extreme left does.

Robert Umbarger

Munroe Falls