I started helping out at the Homeless Charity because I was taught to help those in need. When I pull up to 15 Broad St., I do not see recovering drug addicts and alcoholics. I see people sweeping the sidewalk, talking with each other over coffee and getting ready for the day. The people who live in the tent city known as the Homeless Charity Village are a community.

Every time I arrive people say good morning. I look for Sage Lewis and find out what I can do to help. I have helped get food from the food bank twice. When Sage and I returned, a call went out to help unload the truck and my car. Anyone who could helped unload the food and put it away. When I left, at least six people thanked me for helping get food.

I encourage the members of the Akron Planning Commission and Mayor Dan Horrigan to visit the village. You would see good people working to live and help each other. You would see the homeless are not a problem; the homeless are people, people down on their luck who need a safe place to stay. That safe place is Homeless Charity Village.

Eileen Matias


Ruling hurts all workers

The decision of the Supreme Court in the Janus v. American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees case is a strike at all unions.

Working people today do not remember the conditions workers faced before unions came into the labor picture. The 40-hour workweek was unheard of; 12-hour days were the norm in all factories. There was no such thing as vacations, even without pay. There was no way to process a complaint (grievance) against your employer or supervisor. Only a handful of big corporations offered pension plans for retirees.

The fact is, even if you do not belong to a union, if you get a paid vacation or work eight-hour days, you owe organized labor for that benefit. Like it or not, any law or court decision against labor unions is a strike against all working people, even those in management jobs.

Gerald C. Wise Sr.


Focus on what matters

We have a political party destroying the U.S. and Ohio. We have a candidate running for Ohio governor who is anti-Medicaid expansion, which is covering more than 700,000 Ohioans. We have a candidate who is running against U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown who is anti-sensible gun control, anti-Affordable Care Act and who totally supports President Donald Trump’s agenda. It seems people are more concerned about LeBron James leaving the Cavs. Cleveland is near the top in U.S. crime rankings and cannot fill its potholes.

People, let’s get our priorities where it really means something.

Dennis Maneval


Summa makes a recovery

In light of the remarkably successful turnaround at Summa under the gifted leadership of interim President and CEO Dr. Cliff Deveny (“Summa breathes easier, sees gains,” July 1), one wonders why the Summa trustees don’t remove “interim” from his title. He certainly has earned it.

Sam Salem