In reading the June 24 Beacon Journal story on the America Today Project addressing civility in politics, few would disagree that we need more civility in our political discourse, especially with the looming presidential elections (“Civility projects target Akron area as election nears”).

The attack ads and distortions of the challenger’s record have already begun. However, I take issue with a statement by the Rev. Mark Ford, who is part of this worthwhile project. He was “troubled by what he heard on talk radio … that bashed President Barack Obama. That’s not the way Jesus behaved,” Ford said. “He did not call people names. I don’t think he would say Barack is a socialist or communist.”

My reaction to the Rev. Ford’s statement is, as they say, “if the shoe fits, wear it.”

Yes, civility is about not calling names, but if something speaks to the truth, then it needs to be said. A common quotation makes the point: “For evil to triumph is for good men to remain silent.”

Thus, calling President Obama a socialist or communist is not about name calling if it is rooted in actual circumstances. If there is an element of truth to Obama’s socialist leanings, then the American people need to be alarmed.

What are the facts? This president has associated himself with known and admitted socialist and Marxist sympathizers and actually hired them into the White House. To name two: Van Jones and Anita Dunn.

I watched both of these Obama pinions on news footage in their own words indict themselves, which was covered on the Glenn Beck Show up until they silently resigned their Obama positions. Then the president served together on a board while in Chicago with a known 1960s militant radical who has not denounced his far leftist view of America.

Let’s not forget Obama’s long history with his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whose “God damn America” footage may have been but a glimpse of his radical black nationalist agenda, which has socialist underpinnings.

How can a president of the United States be associated with any one of these individuals?

I hope that not only the Rev. Ford but the Civility Project draws a distinction between name calling in politics and the sometimes moral imperative to question and confront. Yes, Jesus would not just call names, but let us not forget the biblical story of Jesus’ outrage as he overturned the tables of the money-changers in the temple.

President Obama’s history, associations and staffers must not be overlooked. For as another saying so aptly expresses, “Show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future.”

Michael Anderson


Protectors of ?the president

The June 25 political cartoon so typifies the liberal press protection of the Obama administration in two ways: First, it has failed to make an issue of the very serious drug-war killings involving guns that ATF agents were supposed to be tracking across the Mexican border. Two, the cartoon approvingly suggested that to so many U.S. citizens the issue is really nothing more than a focus on a type of news “entertainment,” supplied by Fox News, dealing with the on-going investigation by the House of Representatives oversight committee.

The facts being sought by the committee if fully known would lift this particular hidden news event to the front page, out of the doldrums of insignificant news. Only the stonewalling by Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama has kept the facts hidden that otherwise would very likely prove much more than embarrassing if they came to light.

At least Fox News is serving the public in a way that is not dictated first and foremost by how it may reflect upon President Obama.

Joseph C. McLeland

Munroe Falls

Arc of history ?favors progressives

With the ramp up to the presidential election, I’ve been thinking a lot about the seemingly eternal battle between conservatives and progressives. I’ve concluded that I don’t care who wins this election because in the larger picture, it really doesn’t matter.

Look throughout history at the flow of society and politics. No matter what the conservatives do, no matter how hard they try, the progressives always ultimately win.

Two thousand years ago, the conservatives fought like hell to keep the status quo, but a passionate, progressive Jew named Yeshua triumphed over them.

More than 200 years ago, the conservatives had absolute faith in the monarchy and fought to keep us a part of it. But once again, the progressives won out when a group of dedicated men declared our independence and liberated this country from tyranny.

For decades, conservatives insisted that blacks and whites not share schools, serve together in the military or marry one another. Again, progressives shed blood, sweat and tears and struck down the segregation and miscegenation laws.

Conservatives crusaded for years against homosexuals serving in the military. Finally, after a daring act by a progressive president, they lost, and gay men and lesbians can serve openly in the armed forces. These days, we argue about gay marriage, gay adoptions, abortion and a whole host of other topics. The conservatives fight to hold the status quo, and the progressives fight to move forward, to evolve as a society and as a species.

And you know what? We’re going to win. It may take a long, hard fight. If Mitt Romney wins the election, that fight may be just that much longer and harder, and we may lose lives and loves along the way, but we will win. We always do.

Progress will always win out. The human race will always move forward.

T. Mason Brown


Lone voice on?Portage Crossing

Regarding the June 8 Beacon Journal article headlined “Portage Crossing project growing”: Thank you, Carol Klinger, for apparently being the only council member in Cuyahoga Falls to at least question the manner in which the Robart administration and the developer have managed this project.

After four years, there have been delays and extensions granted and still ground is not broken. Now the developer is being given an even “sweeter” deal than was promised him before. When is someone else in council or in the media going to raise questions about how the dollars of the taxpayers in Cuyahoga Falls are being spent?

Lee Adams

Cuyahoga Falls

Picture of ?divided loyalty

A picture on the June 26 front page of the Beacon Journal irritated me for the following reasons: It showed an Andy Hernandez waving a Mexican flag while awaiting the Supreme Court’s decision on Arizona’s immigration law.

Let me first state that I am an immigrant from Austria and very proud of my German heritage. I encourage all immigrants to keep as many of their customs, traditions and festivals as possible.

That being said, I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would wave a flag of another country around in public (especially with strong feelings abounding right now about illegal immigration), rather than wave the good old “Red, White and Blue.”

It seems to me that waving our Stars and Stripes shows much more clearly that you came to this country because it represents what you aspire to, where you wish to live and to whom you want to show your loyalty. I may disagree with my government at times, but never would I dream of taking an Austrian flag to the streets to protest. I just don’t understand this rationale.

Michael Reitz

Cuyahoga Falls

Far beyond?‘grease monkeys’

Those of us who have chosen the automotive aftermarket (tire sales, automotive repair and maintenance) for our careers are proud to work in this industry. At Tire Source, we celebrate our 65 associates and the skills they have developed over our 20-plus years in business.

That is why we found James Butler’s remarks quoted by Bob Dyer (“Euphemisms Inc.,” June 19), to be not only insensitive but also inaccurate. With the many hours of training our team takes advantage of every year, the large investment in tools each technician makes annually and the rapid advancement in automobile engineering, I guarantee our associates do not think of themselves as “grease monkeys.”

We are proud to be part of the business and civic communities, as shown by our support of the Fairlawn fireworks event, the Copley stadium turf project and our fundraising for Hospice of Visiting Nurse Service on Ridgewood Road. We encourage everyone to value civility.

Drew Dawson

Tom White

Owners, Tire Source