It would be prudent for the voters of Ohio to consider some things. Do they realize that the voice of the middle class is being used by the Republican Party as a means to an end? Do middle-class voters honestly believe that their welfare and interests are to be a concern for the Republican Party after the election?

The Republican Party had opportunities to help the job situation, and we would be further along if they would have backed job legislation in Congress. They opted to deny the American worker help to further their own end, to make Obama a one-term president. These are representatives elected to serve the best interests of the American people.

You hear Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan say they have a plan, but President Obama has plans in place and they are coming together, however slowly. It will take time to re-educate a work force for new jobs, as so many old ones are no longer there.

What would Ohio be like if the auto industry went bankrupt, as Romney would have had it? He and his like would have moved in, fired everyone, then sold all the assets for a profit. Think of the repercussions of that as auto salaries “trickle down” through Ohio’s economy.

General Motors and Chrysler are alive and expanding, folks, and Osama bin Laden is dead.

The Republican Party doesn’t like to be reminded that the situation Obama came into was a lot worse than what Bush came into after Clinton. All the Republican Party wants from Ohio are our votes, money and sons to fight its wars. Notice that theirs seldom do. What will they really give back?

Shelly J. Lawrence

Cuyahoga Falls

Romney and Ryan ?will focus on jobs

In this election, it is time for us to be practical and focused on jobs and the economy.

The post-World War II United States is built to be and will only thrive as the world’s premier economic power, and without robust employment, the engine that makes it all possible sputters and dies.

We will not be secure, provide excellent education, afford quality health care and generally provide for the welfare of ourselves and our children without meaningful employment and a strong economy.

Blinded by its big agenda, the Obama administration either missed or neglected the severity of the problem, mostly focusing instead on other things. Virtuous or not, no other agenda item should have been even a close second to employment and economic recovery, and this administration’s cluelessness was never more evident than in the 2010 mid-term elections.

I know reproductive rights, education, equality and immigration are all important issues; however, as crass and disappointing as it may sound, this is not the time.

Right, wrong or indifferent, we are nothing without economic strength and robust employment, and there is little reason for hope without either.

It is time to prioritize. It is time for a change. Please vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket.

Chris Morley

Upper Arlington

By magic

Get those resumes ready, everyone. So many of the candidates running for office are going to create jobs. Are they visionaries, or illusionists? Maybe they are all going to open a business.

So much of what is said is camouflaged and misleading. We should all be very leery about what comes out of their mouths.

There is one among them who plans on creating jobs for millions, a man who would have allowed the auto industry to go bankrupt. Wouldn’t it be great to have an honest politician who has the slogan, “will work for peace”?

Betty J. Pinder


Who’s qualified?

I read with interest the Oct. 21 letter about how Mitt Romney is not qualified to be president (Strategy of obstruction”).

My question is: How can someone qualify to be president with a background of being a community organizer and 45 months as a U.S. senator?

Glenn Houk