Just over a week ago my husband and I had the opportunity to experience the Akron Zoo’s free annual Greater Akron Green Energy Ohio Tour. This is a little-known gem of an event.

Participants left the zoo in the early morning on a historic Akron trolley ride to four sites — public, private, residential and corporate — where great sustainability projects are up and running. The owners or employees of the Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority Reach Opportunity Center, Artemis Polymer Processing, a private home and Old Trail School were eager to share their stories of the feasibility, efficiency and cost savings of their green installations.

The projects ranged from solar panels to power the Artemis facility and a private home, to geothermal energy at the Reach Center, to Old Trail’s solar panel array and self-sufficient “living machine” wastewater treatment system. It was heartening to see what ordinary, concerned people are doing to leave a considerably lighter footprint on the planet, while saving money as an added benefit.

The tour concluded in early afternoon with a complimentary lunch back at the Akron Zoo, a brief tour of the zoo’s own sustainability projects, and a chance to enjoy seeing the zoo exhibits.

Kudos to the Akron Zoo for providing this terrific, educational and eye-opening experience. I can’t wait to see what new projects await on next year’s Green Energy Tour.

Wendy Turrell



Sports players taking a knee during the national anthem is unacceptable. They should stay in their locker room. Maybe take their sport to Normandy, France, or Korea, battlefields in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. The Islamic State group would love to play a game.

The Browns should take two knees and pray to win a game. God bless America. God bless our veterans.

Jerry Lamm


No disrespect to take a knee

Can anyone tell me whether it is against the law to kneel for the playing of the national anthem? I think not. The president says it’s disrespectful. Why? These players have a First Amendment right to call attention to the racial disparity between blacks and law enforcement.

Is it disrespectful for millions of people to kneel at church every Sunday? I doubt that God thinks it is.

There are 3 million Americans in Puerto Rico going through untold hardships. Trump blustered on for over a week about these pro athletes but said very little about the 3 million Americans in Puerto Rico. What’s the matter, does Trump think these people are the 3 million Americans who voted against him in the popular vote that he lost?

I agree with LeBron James who says that Donald Trump is a “bum.”

Thomas DeMita


Answer players with boycotts

To all the NFL players who kneel during the national anthem:

Why don’t you kneel down in front of a veteran who has lost a limb or suffered a severe head injury while defending your freedom and say, “Thank you for your sacrifices.”

Everyone should boycott the games, the sponsors and all of their overpriced shoes they sell.

I know I will kneel down to close my wallet and hurt them where it hurts the most — in their wallets.

Tina Starosto