This election will be decided not by Republicans or Democrats, but by us independents. Has President Obama gotten the results he has promised? No; the economy is moving too slowly in lowering unemployment. But we should use the same yardstick to measure the efforts of both parties.

Policies of lower taxes under the Republicans had the unemployment rate at 7.8 percent heading to 11 percent before any of Obama’s legislation had a chance to take effect. Now it’s at 7.8 percent and heading downward. I think heading down is better.

Bush’s tax cuts, lowering capital gains rates, were supposed to stimulate the economy, but we had job losses of 800,000 a month by the time Obama took office. We now have job growth of 150,000 to 200,000 per month. For Republicans saying President Obama has been an economic failure, how do they grade their own policies? F-?

Mitt Romney wants to lower taxes and eliminate capital gains taxes. It didn’t work before. What’s different now?

Republicans stated it’s their number No. 1 priority to make sure that Obama doesn’t get re-elected. Wouldn’t it have proved their point to let Obama’s policies become law, and for us to see what a failure his policies were? But Republicans were afraid these policies would work, and they became obstructionists.

They also nearly sent our country into default over the debt limit. They want the budget deficits lower, but obstruct efforts to eliminate some of the Bush tax cuts to balance the budget.

The stimulus, the bailout and cash for clunkers did stop the downward spiral of the recession and loss of jobs. The Republicans voted to lower the stimulus money by about one-half (it looks like we could have used the rest of it).

The bailout saved GM and Chrysler. Even Honda and Toyota wanted the bailout because GM’s bankruptcy would have bankrupted suppliers to the whole industry.

Lastly, the Republicans insisted that the clunkers bill not be limited to American-made cars (whose economy are we trying to stimulate, anyway? Korea’s?)

Never before has a major party tried to make sure the president fails, and with him, the country. I thought a representative’s job was to make our country better.

We should not reward those politician who would do our country harm just to win an election. We need politicians like Obama, and Sens. Brown and Portman, who will work across party lines to better our country.

Tom Lalonde


Failing to take ?responsibility

How long would it have taken President Obama to get help to the U.S. consulate in Benghazi if his wife and children had been there? The four American citizens who were killed included Chris Stevens, U.S. ambassador; Sean Smith, Foreign Service information officer; and Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, former Navy SEALs working security.

These American heroes were husbands, fathers and sons — not “bumps in the road.” And as one of their mothers said, “My son is not very optimal — he is also very dead.’

What a travesty. Their families will endure these losses until the day they die.

President Obama has blamed President Bush for everything that has gone wrong in his failed presidency for the past four years. Why, then, doesn’t President Bush get credit for the four years of planning that went into the killing of Osama bin Laden; all President Obama had to do was come in from the golf course and say, “OK.”

How can President Obama actually take credit for the jobs created in states that are being run by Republican governors?

Carol Corpus


Roegner has earned ?another term

I respectfully question the Oct. 4 endorsement of Tom Schmida for the 37th Ohio House District seat.

State Rep. Kristina Daley Roegner has proved through her voting record and legislation that she consistently supports job creation, economic development, small business and small government. She is not a tax-and-spend politician.

Roegner’s Common Sense Initiative, House Bill 94, shows that her focus is on what is best for Ohio residents and businesses. The state government should not be a regulatory hindrance to the residents and businesses it serves.

The reduction of the state’s regulatory red tape would allow small business employees to concentrate on what is important to their company’s survival and their own jobs.

I encourage support for Roegner and her continuing efforts to improve the business environment in Ohio by electing her for another term in the Ohio House.

Brad Hansen


Follow the economics

Mitt Romney promises to create 12 million jobs by making the U.S. more business friendly. His plan’s centerpiece, to the extent that he has offered one, is lower tax rates.

Cutting tax rates works to the advantage of the wealthy. It’s simple arithmetic. If you make $10,000 and reduce your tax by 1 percent, you save a hundred bucks. If your income is $1 million, a 1 percent tax break cuts your bill by $10,000.

In terms of stimulating the economy, we do more by giving a dollar apiece to 1,000 ordinary people, who will spend it on food and lodging, than by giving $1,000 to one millionaire, who may well leave it in an unused bank account.

Romney’s plan, in short, is not only unfair to hard-working Americans. It’s bad economics.

Rick Feinberg

Brady Lake

Local control ?for Green

As Green civil service commissioners, we support Issue 15 and encourage a “yes” vote on Nov. 6. The issue would amend the city charter language on the commission.

Civil service was established to eliminate bias, provide equal employment opportunity and provide a merit system for appointments and promotions without regard to political patronage. This is accomplished through a competitive testing process, and the Green Civil Service Commission has consistently tested candidates for classified positions using independent testing consultants.

All classified jobs are advertised and posted, and all Civil Service Commission meetings and minutes are open to the public, including any rule changes which are subject to City Council approval.

Commissioners serve six-year staggered terms. They are not elected; one member is appointed by the mayor, one by the council and one by the school board.

Whether Issue 15 passes or not, this competitive testing process will remain. What would change if Issue 15 passes is the city’s ability to adopt rules that differ from state law.

This would affect examinations, appointments and promotions, including the number of candidates considered, bonus points for residency and previous service with the city and credit for military service.

For example, for promotions in the Fire Department, failure of Issue 15 would mean the city would forfeit its ability to select the most qualified candidate and be forced to promote the candidate ranked No. 1 on the eligibility list.

This would not allow consideration of other qualifications, such as experience, education and training. An individual who may be good at taking tests may not be the best individual for the job.

When Green became a city in 1992, the intention was to be self-governing. Adopting Issue 15 would re-establish the city’s ability to adopt its own civil service rules.

We support passage of Issue 15 and encourage you to join us in voting “yes” on Nov. 6.

Kimberly Baer

Gerald Alessia

Vivianne Duffrin


Consistent about ?changing his views

As a frustrated, unhappy Republican, I feel the need to express my displeasure.

I watched most of the debates held last winter and spring during the long Republican primary process. I watched most of the Republican National Convention on different cable channels. I watched or listened to all three presidential debates and the one vice presidential debate.

After all of this, I truly have no idea what Mitt Romney really believes and what policies and plans he would put into action.

During the primary debate, his Republican challengers frequently pointed out how he had switched and changed his positions. As the election nears, I believe this to be more obvious than ever.

While I certainly do not agree with many of President Obama’s positions, I definitely do understand them and the consistency of them.

It is for that reason I strongly believe President Obama must be re-elected. We may not completely agree with him and his administration, but America cannot afford an administration whose positions and policies change like Mother Nature changes wind directions.

Joseph G. Yeiser