The defeat of the Confederacy looked much like the last hours of Nazi Germany. As Matthew Schofield of McClatchy Newspapers explained: “Flags were torn down while defeated cities still burned, even as citizens crawling from the rubble were just realizing that the governments they represented had ended.”

But decades and centuries later, symbols of those regimes are treated quite differently.

The fight to protect the statue of Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville, Va., gives us a chance to think about how other countries dealt with their past moral abominations.

In the United States, the Confederacy is celebrated even today. There are more than 700 Confederate monuments in public parks, courthouse squares and state capitol nationwide. They’re not all old, either. For example, North Carolina has added 35 such markers just in the past 20 years. The Confederate flag still waves high above some statehouses in the South.

Not so in Germany.

In 1949, the newfound Federal Republic of Germany banned the swastika from public life. The Washington Post reports: Since 1945, its government has worked to systematically get rid of Nazi-era memorials and architecture. Nazi officials were buried in unmarked graves. Swastikas were ground off buildings. Monuments and statues from the Third Reich were torn down. The military jail that housed high-ranking Nazi officials awaiting their war crimes trials was torn down, so that it would not become a shrine for neo-Nazis.

Yet the United States permits such participation trophies for crimes against humanity. Even Donald Trump defends such icons.

Can you imagine how Americans like my father who fought to defeat the Axis powers would feel if Germans embraced and protected Nazi monuments after WWII?

Yet here we are, in 2017, with Americans posturing as patriots while parading the flags of the two criminal regimes that got the worst thrashings America ever served up. Shame on Donald Trump for picking the worst of “many sides, many sides.”

Mark Ira Kaufman

Silver Lake

Give us a break

I know our president has no taste for the national media. I know the national media has no like for him. But do national media outlets realize they are losing viewers?

I have no taste for some of the words that come out of Donald Trump’s undisciplined mouth, but I respect that he is our president and I don’t harp on every story I tell with a personal slam against him.

Puerto Rico was approaching bankruptcy when the horrible hurricanes devastated the airport control towers, the utilities, the roads, thus the whole infrastructure of the island. Puerto Rican officials can’t provide distribution to the tons of supplies that are at their docks. Yet the media is portraying our president’s response as inadequate.

Give us a break, national media, and maybe we’ll start watching your mainstream news programs again.

Gary Miller


Feel free to make it right

It is opined that any member of Akron City Council, without attempting to make it a business of the council, is free to deed his/her home and surrounding real property to any tribe or association of “indigenous people” in order to rectify the presumed fault of the late Christopher Columbus.

Charles Zindle