The United States should not attack Syria.

The U.S. should use diplomatic pressure to force Russia to bring Syria under control. Russia is to Syria what the U.S. is to Israel. If Israel would threaten or commit an act that goes against human rights, the U.S. would step in and stop Israel from continuing. Russia should do the same with the Syrian regime.

We, through world opinion, should make Russia stop the Assad government’s use of poison gases. Russia refuses to condemn Syria for using chemical weapons. In fact, Russia is blocking a United Nations effort to punish Syria. This speaks to an approval of what Syria is doing.

Other large governments such as China should be pressured in the court of world opinion to condemn and stop Syria from committing such acts; after all, silence equals approval.

The U.S. cannot afford to spend $1 billion a month on another “war action,” much less afford more loss of life on both sides of the conflict.

U.S. headlines should read, “Russia refuses to halt chemical warfare in Syria.”

Mark Wiggins

Cuyahoga Falls

Take a walk ?to the game

What is this world coming to, when loyalty to football games costs $50 more for parking in prime spaces for season tickets? (“Loyalty rewarded with a new fee,” Aug. 20)

Why, I know of an individual who gave 28 years of loyalty to a now-defunct steel company and received only 50 percent of his pension. Sad, indeed. Perhaps sadder than having to pay a little more to watch football.

All institutions, including universities, are looking to find more monetary resources to help make ends meet. Even dog owners are going to have to cough up an increase for their dog licenses. This is the way of it. Get used to it.

A bright side is that a season-ticket holder can avoid the $50 increase if he or she will only park a few blocks away from the action. Most doctors now agree that walking is good for our overall health.

Tom Weber


Not fun

I find it shocking and offensive that Akron City Council Ward 1 candidate Chuck Heimbaugh is today hosting a screening of the movie The Butler at what he dubs a “Fun Raiser” at Highland Square Theater.

That movie covers a disgusting, despicable portion of American history. Slavery and its vestiges will haunt our country for generations.

Holding what he dubs a “Fun-raiser” to watch a movie that covers this atrocity is disgraceful and pours salt on an open wound. Heimbaugh owes our community an apology.

Susan Z. Vogelsang


Duty of parents

I am responding to the Aug. 27 article, “Akron schools make gains in discipline.” It’s a terrible thing that Akron Public Schools has to address this situation. The real problem begins right at home.

Just because a person can make a baby, doesn’t make him or her a parent. Children will not grow up until the person who brought them into this world becomes a parent. Stop relying on the schools to raise a child.

Patrick O. Riley