If Bill Batchelder has anything to say about it, Ohio won’t be altering the way it awards Electoral College votes. The House speaker shared his opposition last week to a shift from the winner-take-all system to awarding the votes according to the victor in each congressional district.

Republican lawmakers in Virginia have been moving toward the district model. The party has been flirting with the idea in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Democratic Party officials have warned about Ohio taking the leap.

States have much authority in deciding the divvying of electoral votes. Republican gerrymandering would have served Mitt Romney well, carrying a large majority of the Virginia votes even as President Obama prevailed at the ballot box.

Through a spokesman, Batchelder shared that the district approach is not what “the authors of our founding documents had ever intended.” More, the move hardly would flatter the party. Change the rules and give up on winning the popular vote in Ohio? Reduce the role of Battleground Ohio to a few U.S. House districts?

No doubt Democrats would reverse the action if they controlled the Statehouse and it meant a more favorable election landscape. If anything, the country should head in the other direction, honoring the result in the national popular vote.