Day-Lewis, now the first man to win three Best Actor Oscars, will be seen in two different releases, one of a single production, the other a triple feature, Both arrive March 19. The descriptions:

In My Brother Jonathan, based on the Edwardian romance book by Francis Brett Young, Day-Lewis plays Jonathan, the ungainly, neglected eldest son of a family living in the Black Country.  His younger brother Harold is everything he is not - athletic, handsome and clever.  Despite the favoritism shown to Harold, the two boys build a close friendship that lasts a lifetime and ends in tragedy. 


Daniel Day-Lewis Triple Feature includes three pivotal early performances in the award winner’s career. Day-Lewis made one of his earliest screen appearances in the BBC adaptation of Jennifer Johnston’s acclaimed novel How Many Miles to Babylon? Two Irishmen – Alex Moore (Day-Lewis), a Protestant, and his childhood friend Jerry (Christopher Fairbank, Jack the Giant Slayer), a Catholic – enter WWI as soldiers and see their friendship tested as they experience the harsh realities of war.


The second feature is The Insurance Man - an unpredictable tale of well-intentioned deeds with disastrous results written by Alan Bennett (The History Boys). Told through flashbacks, the story follows Franz, who recounts a mysterious skin condition he suffered as a factory worker before the First World War. At Prague’s infamous insurance company, Franz meets Kafka (Day-Lewis), an insurance bureaucrat whose intelligence and compassion are out of place amid the apathy that surrounds him.


The third and final feature is Dangerous Corner, a classic thriller in which Day-Lewis plays publishing executive Gordon Whitehouse. While gathered with his coterie of high society friends and coworkers at the country estate of his business partner, one guest makes a surprising remark about a musical box. This seemingly harmless comment produces a string of shocking revelations with devastating repercussions.