Donna Rovan correspondent

Both current and past Jackson Township residents were in attendance for the kick off of the Jackson Community Celebration on Wednesday.

There was food, rides and entertainment to keep everyone busy. But the meaning of belonging to a strong community is an underlying theme of the celebration held at North Park.

Jessica Smith a medical assistant has been Jackson resident for 10 years. "Being here makes me miss being young and carefree, Smith I think about the fun times I had in high school and get to catch up with some friends."

Smith's sister, Mandy, a Meals on Wheels coordinator and past Jackson resident who now lives in Akron said, "I like the feeling of a tight-knit community. It's a small town feeling that you come to value as you move on and get older."

For the final day of the Jackson Township one-year celebration series, we want to know why you enjoy living in the community? Share your thoughts in the comment section.