The only new series tonight is "The Neighbors" on ABC (more about that momemtarily)but it's still a big night for TV. Shows kicking off new seasons include "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" (picking up last season's cliffhanger), "Modern Family," "Criminal Minds,"  "The MIddle" and "Law & Order: SVU," which fills two hours with back-to-back episodes. "Revenge" has a recap show, lookinvg at last season and teasing the new one, which really launches in its new time slot on Sunday.


"The X Factor," " "Survivor," "Animal Practice," "Guys With Kids" and "Animal Practice," all of which have already premiered, continue.

My DVR is set for "Survivor," "Modern Family," "Survivor" and "CSI." I may catch up with "The Middle" later on On Demand; I like the show when I watch it, but it hasn't elbowed into my crowded viewing schedule.

I have seen "The Neighbors," about a family moving into a neighborhood where all the other residents are from a different planet. It made me laugh at times. And it does one smart thing in the premiere: letting the earthlings know that their neighbors are aliens. Dragging out that notion, especially in light of the weird behavior, would have made the show very stale in short order. But I don't know if it has another good idea to keep it going; even by the end of the premiee, it is struggling to maintain momentum.