The restaurant landscape is a perpetually growing and turning worm (fried in organic almond oil and drizzled with a balsamic/maple reduction). To catch the eyes, stomachs and cash of restaurant-goers, you might have to concoct something a little different.

Twiisted Burgers & Sushi (I believe the second “i” is there to prove how crazy they are) in Medina has taken a beloved American classic and an Americanized favorite and put them together. Sort of.

If your imagination is conjuring up a full-size burger rolled in rice and wrapped in seaweed, or a hamburger bun filled with deep-fried maki rolls, calm down. The menu is not quite that twisted (that level would require at least three i’s). But it is action-packed, with not just sushi and burgers, but sandwiches, a few salads and entrees.

The interior is pretty standard “contemporary mall restaurant.” A dining area is on one side with a faux fireplace and a pleasant-looking patio area that I’m sure will be a nice place to eat and drink whenever spring arrives. On the other is the large horseshoe bar, anchored by a few big HD screens and surrounded by a few high tables.

The bar staff is friendly and the drink menu is almost as big as the food menu, sporting a strong variety of draft and bottled beers and wines. Liquor lovers will be pleased with the signature cocktails that include a few margarita variations along with several versions of the ever-popular Moscow Mule, all under $10.

There are also some interesting “loaded beer cocktails” mixing beer and flavored liquors, such as the Barley Macchiato which pairs Deschutes’ yummy Black Butte porter with espresso-flavored vodka.

The sushi menu has all the usual fare, such as sashimi and classic California and spicy (your favorite fish) rolls. But Twiisted is hip to the recent trends, too, offering bowls and sushiritos (that’s a sushi roll you can eat like a burrito).

The specialty sushi list features quirkily named rolls such as the Zombie with seared tuna, jalapeño and sriracha. The rolls are $12-$17 but are quite large, wrapped in a thick layer of soft rice and most have a layer of shredded crab.

My seviche starter was OK, though lacking the citrus kick I’m accustomed to. But my Churrasco burger with roasted poblano chimichurri, provolone, an onion ring, avocado slices and smoked charcoal mayo was cooked to a perfect medium and was a delicious mix of spice, cheese and meat. Also, the onion rings are superlative, lightly breaded, crisp and not soggy.

Tasha and Bob Bellini of Akron found Twiisted Burgers & Sushi on Yelp/TripAdvisor and decided to give it a shot.

“We were intrigued to see how those two could be brought together. We like different,” Tasha said.

The couple are avid restaurant-goers and casual foodies who have eaten all over Northeast Ohio and appreciate adventurous combinations.

“We tried a lot of different things. We got the wonton nacho appetizer [fried wontons, jalapeño cheese sauce, guacamole and pico de gallo] and that was very good,” Ben said.

The Bellinis admit to being sushi snobs but say they will likely return to further explore the menu.

“I think we would try the burgers,” Ben said, “and the service has been really great.”

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