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One thing that you may not think about as you build or remodel your home is the temperature of your bathroom floor. If you’re using wood or carpeting, this may not be much of an issue. However, if you’re using traditional bathroom tile, you may want to think about just how cold it can be first thing in the morning.

If you enjoy the wake-up call that comes from stepping onto a cold bathroom floor in the morning, then tile may work for you. Frankly, though, for most people, that kind of temperature difference between foot and floor is not pleasing to the touch. Fortunately, you now can say goodbye to the rude awakening that comes from leaving the comfort of your bed for those treacherously cold tiles. Welcome to the world of tile-warmers.

Go with the flow

As most of us learned early on, heat rises. That is why we build fires low to the ground and heat our ovens from the bottom, not the top. Why would we do any differently with our homes?

For most homes, the heat comes from vents. These vents, while sometimes placed near the floor, generally release hot air directly to the ceiling. In order to get warm air low to the ground, the upper air must often get uncomfortably warm. How does one solve this problem? Well, in the case of tiles like those that are probably in your bathroom, you use tile-warming mats. These tile-warmers will not only help regulate your home’s temperature but also cut energy costs.

Worth the effort

The installation of tile-warmers requires that your tiles be pulled up, but if you’re remodeling or building, that may not be a problem. It also requires some electrical work, a fairly simple task for a qualified electrician. The mats are simply laid underneath open area tiling, not underneath bathroom furnishings or near plumbing, and wired to a central switch. Then the tiles are replaced and you have a warmer bathroom floor.

A treat for your feet

By choosing to have tile-warmers installed, you’ll be thanking yourself for years to come. You’ll appreciate them every time you look at your electrical bill, and more importantly, every time you step onto your nice warm bathroom floor in the morning.