Donna Rovan correspondent

The Army Before Us band mates Topher London, a Jackson High School graduate, and Corbin Wandling have been through rotating members, costly fees and usual practice quarters.

But London and Wandling joined new members, Quinn Starkey, Joe Hoover and Tony Reed, friends, family and fans Friday night to celebrate the bandís release party for their second album The Monster in Me at The Auricle in Canton.

The band regularly practices at London's parents home in Jackson Township.

"They get loud but this is what they want to do. We want to encourage that," said Topher London's motherJanice.

"It's been a lot of hard work, practice, and cost to get this all going," said Wandling, lead guitar player.

Although The Army Before Us was headlining the event, they had to wait for three other bands to perform. Surpress The Threat, Still Searching, and Hope For The Hollow took the stage to warm up the audience.

"For most of us this is all we want as a career so we don't mind working hard," lead singer London said.

The band is hoping to parlay the release of their new CD, along with gigs at venues around Akron, Canton and Cleveland into more exposure so they can give up their day jobs.

Starkey, the bandís drum player works in retail, but said, "This is the only thing that I'm really good at and I feel better when I'm onstage and playing."

Bass guitar player Hoover delivers pizzas while guitar player Reed, who is also a graduate of Jackson High School, works at Windyhill Hardwoods. Wandling currently is salesman for radio stations. London is in the entertainment business, his crowd is a little unusual as a performer for nursing home residents.

Reed said when he was younger he attended local shows and liked seeing the crowd's reaction.

"I love everything about this atmosphere," Wandling said.

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