As the touring show of Hamilton prepares for its run at Cleveland’s Playhouse Square (Tuesday through Aug. 26), we asked for some feedback on Facebook and Twitter. Here’s what local Hamilton fans are saying about the show:

“I love it because it has my 12-year-old [Hamilton fanatic Ryan] interested and caring about the history of the U.S.A. A few months ago, I was studying for my citizenship exam and I was getting past presidents mixed up. My 12-year-old broke into song (and dance) to try to teach me the history. He has all of the songs from the show memorized.

“A few weeks later, I was driving him and a few friends to a show. They started singing Hamilton songs and when we arrived at our destination, they felt the need to finish the song they were singing before exiting the car.

This show has made history interesting and accessible and real for these kids. I’m most looking forward to watching my son experience the show. … The countdown is on, and it is sure to be an exciting day for all of us.

­— Nancy Burnham, Chagrin Falls, surprised twin sons Ryan and Nathan with tickets to the show, in Row K, for their 12th birthday.

As a RedCoat (Playhouse Square usher), I am assigned to work two performances. I am listening to the cast recording to get ready. I anticipate watching on my feet. I will be lucky if I can get a stairstep to sit on.

— Gloria Irwin, Green

My husband and I were fortunate enough to see the original cast on Broadway. Many musical theater conventions were thrown out the window for something fresh.

The nontraditional casting was brilliant because it helps us understand that the fathers of our country were the young faces of a new America, represented by what America looks like today. This makes a new respect for our forefathers, and both young and old are diving into research to see what really happened.

The music not only represents different hip-hop artists and their styles, but also pays homage to several Broadway shows. All this integration of age, race, arts, music, theatre and dance make history alive and fascinating.

— Amy Heffernan, Copley

I have tickets to go! I just want to see what everyone is talking about! … My daughter bought me the soundtrack for Mother’s Day.

— Debbie Bozzelli Sherritt, Cuyahoga Falls

Definitely listen to the soundtrack before you see it! You’ll love how the touring cast interprets some things very differently than the original Broadway recording. You’ll also want to know some of the lyrics because when you see it live, you don’t always catch all of the words with the same clarity as the recording.

We got my mom tickets last year for her birthday, and we saw it in Chicago in April. Hamilton combined so many great elements; the genre-bending that you see in The Wiz or Jesus Christ Superstar, with an experienced, talented, and super diverse cast. I love that they’re telling this story with a cast whose story was not told in the past.

Also, I think Lin-Manuel Miranda uses lyrics in such a playful way, which is usually seen in hip-hop, but translates beautifully to musical theater.

I think a lot of the hype came from the success of [Miranda’s] In the Heights, which I’ve been a fan of since I was in middle school, but it really blew up because it can be appreciated by everyone in the United States because everyone can relate to a story line, cast member, or song in a deeply personal way. It’s not exclusionary of any group of people, even though the characters represent one small demographic, the cast and the music reaches everyone in some particular way.

— Isabella Judge, Akron

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