UPDATE: In a previous post I mentioned my chat with Jeanne Cooper. It is now online and you can find it here.


The last couple of days have been focused on work, but not the kind you usually read about here. After Saturday with the bride at Mountaineer (lost money, again, but not too much -- we are penny slots people),. on Sunday I made revisions in an essay I've been working on about the Joker and Marxism. (Yes, that is my idea of fun.) Monday was chores day: finally putting away scattered piles of LPs, straightening up some mess in the garage, running items to Goodwill, treating a slow bathtub drain, mowing the lawn and more. It was tiring but I kept thinking of more things to do -- and was somewhat energized by the change of pace from my writing. And I was happy to reconnect an old boombox in the basement, so I can listen to my old cassettes while working.

I have been checking out Olympics events here and there, but not with great attentiveness. (The bride, on the other hand, is devoted to them and has put in some later-than-usual evenings to watch.) I might watch more if the telecasts were more DVR-friendly; those multi-hour blocks on various channels don't let us pick and choose which events to record (and NBC will scatter the coverage anyway), and more than once the fast-forward on the DVR has stopped working at some point during playback, reducing our ability to revisit things quickly. And a lot of it has been kind of a snore, especially since I don't always stay away from spoiler-laden sports reports during the day; the opening ceremony was interminable, for that matter, and I thought the much-praised James Bond & The Queen bit was both cornily and rather clumsily done.

Subjects for later discussion: "Breaking Bad," which I am keeping an eye on but still not in love with; the new "Total Recall," which I am seeing this afternoon, the golden era of John Cusack (with "Grosse Pointe Blank" and "High Fidelity" coming to Blu-ray), and whatever else pops into my head or mailbox.