Half of the weekend was spent on family business. The other half included grading students' papers, submitting a proposal for an essay about "Firefly" (anyone want to discuss gender roles in the Whedonverse?), catching up on some DVR accumulation, watching the movie "Jack Reacher" (at once better and worse than I expected), and watching the final five on "Amazing Race" and the season finale of "The Good Wife."

In short, a fairly mellow Sunday.

"Good Wife" was deelish, a case of sprinkling in a bunch of guest stars (and if you missed Kate Aurthur's look at great "GW" guests, it's here although I would have moved Carrie Preston up a notch or two). Many questions leading into next season, including who will be the senior partner in the new firm, what will happen in the old if Diane takes the judgeship, can Alicia really get away from Will, how corrupt was Peter ... Could we just jump to September now?

"Amazing Race" finally freed us of the YouTubers, to my delight; besides being annoying, on what planet did they think it was a good idea to move the barrels one at a time.

In case you missed them online, I have looks at Free Comic Book Day, at the state of "Warehouse 13" (which returns tonight) via an interview with star Eddie McClintock, and a new Comedy Central show starring Amy Schumer, I also wrote my weekly DVD/Blu-ray column, which you can find in Sunday's print Beacon Journal but not yet online.

"Iron Man 3" this week. Considerable excitement.