As far as I am concerned, there is really only one show to watch tonight, and that is the series finale of "Breaking Bad." Seeing how darkly marvelous it has been in recent weeks, I am full of optimism about the finish. And, considering I have a stack of papers to grade, "Breaking" is the one show I will take a break from grading to watch.

That said, millions of viewers will be looking at different options among the new and returning series tonight. My DVR is set for "The Amazing Race" and "The Good Wife." The night's new broadcast offering is "Betrayal" on ABC, in which I have absolutely no interest.

I do have interest in "Homeland," which begins a third season tonight on Showtime, but that interest has led to intermittent viewing at best. Not that I dislike the show -- I was very impressed by the first season -- but just that in my time-managing way it was a show that, after the first couple of second-season episodes, couldn't seem to make it onto my schedule. And absent completing the second season, I have not started the third.

I did look at "Masters of Sex," also on Showtime, and liked it a great deal, as you can read here. And I tried out "Hello Ladies" on HBO, a new comedy from Stephen Merchant, known as a collaborator with Ricky Gervais on various projects. The series stars Merchant as an unsuccessful wooer of women and by the second episode I had seen all I needed. The humor and plotting were painfully predictable,

In today's print editions of the Beacon Journal but not yet online is my weekly video column, this time focusing on the DVD sets of "China Beach." I also have a column about the new reboot of "Ironside,"