As part of the Beacon Journal's news partnership with WEWS (Channel 5), I have begun making weekly videos to air on the station's Saturday-morning newscast. These are different from the videos I have been doing for; they are significantly shorter (about 90 seconds vs. several minutes on the older videos) and, for that reason, tending to be more narrowly focused. I've done three so far; the latest, on "Haywire," is posted above. If I get access to the previous ones, I will add them, too. The basic plan is to get them on on a regular basis.

(To anticipate some of your questions: The gig for Channel 5 is unpaid, nonexclusive (I have appeared on Channel 8 since starting this) and will have no effect on my judgments about Channel 5 or any other station.)

I am still getting used to these new videos. The length is especially challenging. We'll see how it goes.