The following titles are on DVD. Blu-ray or both on Tuesday.

Blu-ray Friends: The Complete First Season and The Complete Second Season, Funny Girl (an exclusive), Strictly Ballroom, Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season Three and Star Trek: The Next Generation: Best of Both Worlds. Also, individual releases of Star Trek movies I, III, V, VII, IX and X.

Titles below with an asterisk are on Blu-ray as well as standard DVD.

Movies Broken City*, The Details*, The Guilt Trip*, Not Fade Away*, Only the Young/Tchoupitolulas (two-film set), Silver Linings Playbook*.

Also, two Bruce Lee double features (DVD only): The Big Boss/Fists of Fury and Way of the Dragon/Game of Death.

TV shows 30 Rock: The Final Season, Ben Hur (miniseries, not the Charlton Heston movie), The Lord Peter Wimsey Mysteries: Complete Collection (Ian Carmichael), The Scarlet Pimpernel (Anthony Andrews), The Syndicate: Series 1.

Kids/Family My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Princess Twilight Sparkle, Tom and Jerry Kids Show: The Complete Season.

Sources include, and Consult those sites for more titles and information.