At 157 Lounge in Kent, a section of the sushi menu is quite affordable on Thursdays, reports Malcolm X Abram. A half-price menu from 9 p.m. to midnight features basic traditional nigiri (fish on rice) or sashimi (fish, no rice) for under $3; a small selection of vegetarian maki (vegetables wrapped in seaweed or soy paper) for $2.50; and a variety of rolls all under $5, from basics such as spicy tuna to inventive concepts such as the Nina roll, which features tempura sweet potatoes, red peppers and cream cheese. They also feature a few innovative variations on traditional sushi including sushi burritos, basically a really, really fat sushi roll with lettuce.

The place: 157 Lounge

Where: 157 S. Water St., Kent

Why you should go: Affordable and creative sushi

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