Edgar’s Restaurant in Akron specializes in cross-culture cuisine, with an ever-evolving menu that changes weekly and highlights or mixes food from various countries, reports Malcolm X Abram. Apps and small plates ($8-$13) feature sauteed frog legs and Angus beef or smoked barbecue pork belly sliders. Edgar’s has Taco Tuesday with $5 apps during happy hour that include oysters and nearly full-size portions of delicious and muscular steamed mussels.

Entrees are in the $15-$25 range and there are a few vegetarian options, but it’s really a carnivore’s paradise with well-prepared meat hunks (from Mogadore butcher Duma Meats) and well-chosen accoutrements.

The place: Edgar’s Restaurant

Where: 530 Nome Ave., Akron, at Good Park Golf Course

Why you should go: Cross-cultural cuisine

More info: edgarsrestaurant.com