Here's the latest official statement, from the station's attorneys:

 Mo apologized to Ms. Baker and her family on-air today at 2:00, and has been suspended from the station*.  To hear the full audio apology, please log onto the station's home page at or the station's Facebook page at  Mo will also be apologizing to Ms. Baker at her home, per her family’s request. 

Additionally, Q92 is participating in a coordinated collaboration with the Stark and Tuscarawas County’s Boards of Developmental Disabilities for a formal and on-going awareness campaign to focus on the abilities, strengths, and talents of people who are developmentally disabled.  This campaign is projected to launch in March, which is developmental disabilities awareness month.  Q92 is looking forward to working with these organizations and engaging its listeners regarding this important community issue.

*I have asked how long the suspension is and have not yet received a reply.