The music icon has died at the age of 94. He was pervasive as a performer, friend and influence: consider just the Weavers, Dylan, the Byrds, two Guthries, Springsteen. He was part of the blacklist and in the middle of controversies about "Hootenanny" and the Smothers Brothers. He was a major figure in the American environmental movement. I am reading Robert Hilburn's biography of Johnny Cash, and there's Seeger, scolding Cash for showing up late at the Newport Folk Festival, but also supporting Cash's work. On my DVD shelves are two involving Seeger, an Australian concert from the '60s and the fine "Power of Song" documentary. On the record shelves, an old copy of Seeger's "greatest hits," among them "Abiyoyo," which my sons listened to when young. For this post, I present some YouTube clips of Seeger and Seeger's music through the years: