Halie Nitzsche
Special to Ohio.com


Editor's Note: Revere High School student Halie Nitzsche is one of nearly 50 students in Ohio to travel throughout Europe this summer as a part of the People to People Student Ambassador organization.

The group left Ohio on June 22 and will return July 10. In today’s update, Halie recalls visits to the Eiffel Tower and Louvre to see some of the most famous sights in France. She also adds some interesting accounts about getting lost -- again, and a run in with some sticky-fingered natives.

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Take a look at Days 6 & 7 here:


Day 6~ We woke up from the farm stay and had the same breakfast from the previous day, cereal and bread. We then went up to pack and got on the bus, then said our goodbyes.

We drove about an hour to the border of France and Switzerland; the scenery was amazing! Then we drove another 2 hours to a cheese factory where they originally made it in the 16th century. We got to go to a bakery where I bought Swiss Chocolate, and tried some of my friend, Cee's chocolate mousse. After that, we went to watch a demonstration on how to make cheese.

We went upstairs to have lunch in the loft. We had typical Swiss noodles with cheese and meat sauce. My friend, Jenna, bit into a pair and the bottom part of her retainer broke off and she had to rip the other side off her teeth. The concrete glue is still there, but she said she will never eat another pair.

We got back on the bus at 12:30 and headed to a town called Lucerne in Switzerland to see the oldest bridge in Europe and the most photographed picture in Switzerland. We walked across it and took a lot of pictures and got to see the large tower that was used for torture back in the 12th century.

We got back on the bus at 2:30 to head towards a lake that we were going to ride a boat across to eat dinner.

When we got off the bus, we went down to the shore to skip rocks and we all noticed that the water in Europe is so blue, ours is just...brown.

When we got on the boat, you could either go up to the open top, or below where it was closed off. About half way to dinner, it started pouring rain and everyone from the top came down drenched in water.

Dinner was another Swiss noodle with cheese sauce and steamed carrots and peas with fruit and ice cream for dessert. We got back on the boat and it started raining again.  Finally, we got back on the bus and drove to our hotel.

The hotel room was really small and my roommate, Stephanie, thought the window was broken because it can open two ways. So we waited in the cold until a leader got off the bus. The window wasn't broken...

Day 7~ Wake up was at 7:15 and the breakfast was cereal, croissants, and orange juice. We packed up and loaded the bus then went to go to a town in Austria where we would go geocaching.

It was really fun, and my team found the prize first, it was a sticker. We walked all around the little town typing in different coordinates on the GPS finding the next sign.

After we found the prize, one of our leaders, Jim, took us to an Austrian food store and we bought sausage and chips and everyone was like vultures when the saw food. They came after you asking can I have some until you barely had any left.

We got back on the bus and headed towards lunch, which was in a little buffet/store/cheese-making place. We had an all-you-can-eat buffet, Austrian style. It was noodles and pork with bread. We then went upstairs to make our own cheese.

You went up there and there were bowls hanging on a metal peg with a strainer, knife, thermometer and chemical can. We lit the chemicals and put it under the metal bowl, and stirred until the cheese was 33 degrees Celsius. Then we put bacteria in little shot glasses and poured it in. We had to wait 30 minutes until the cheese was a pudding consistency. We cut it up into little chucks and heated it again to 44 degrees Celsius.  Finally, we strained the cheese, and pushed out all the juices.

We got back on the bus and drove to a little town square where we would meet local Austrian families that were going to have us stay at their house for 3 days. I am with another girl, Evie, and a family with a mom, dad, two daughters and a son.

When we were driving up into the Alps, we felt as if we were going to fall off the mountainside, it was so steep. We had dinner that was very similar to what we had at Flam's, in Paris. It was a thin crust with sour cream, onions and bacon piled on. It was very good.

Later, Evie and I played an Austrian game that was like Sorry and Trouble put together, with the daughter, Barbara. We played for 2 hours and decided to finish it tomorrow.