Lucimarian Tolliver Roberts, originally from Akron, passed away Thursday at the age of 88. You can read one report here.

The Beacon Journal's Jewell Cardwell interviewed Lucimarian Roberts earlier this year. Here's a bit from that story:

 Lucimarian Roberts said the philosophy on raising successful children is pretty much the same today as it was when she was a young mother.

Societal rules may have relaxed over the years, but that should never trump home, insisted the 88-year-old Akron native and mother of four, including Good Morning America's Robin Roberts, in a telephone interview from Pass Christian, Miss., where she now lives.

"You know that children's song, This Little Light of Mine," she continued, underscoring her point. "You have to be that light, no matter what. And you have to let it shine for your children to see."