Donna Rovan correspondent

EDITORíS NOTE: correspondent Donna Rovan breaks down the preparations for a top-notch Super Bowl party in Jackson Township as she prepares to throw one on a budget for the big game on Sunday.

According to a survey conducted by Century 21, 84 percent of Americans will be throwing or attending Super Bowl parties this year. I, like a lot of people, will be hosting a Super Bowl party so I thought it would be interesting to add up the costs of throwing a great party.

First of all, any party that you may attend or even host will definitely be cheaper than actually going to the game. states that 70,000 fans will attend the game in New Orleans. The average price for one ticket is $2,550. Add up travel costs, food, and hotel and you are up to an average cost of $5,000 per person.

Some staples of a great Super Bowl party are: a big screen TV, lots of snack food, and of course, beer. Iím all set with the TV at my house, but if you are in need of a big screen in time for the big game many retail chains are promoting Super Bowl sales. HH Gregg in Jackson Township is currently having a sale on big screen TV's at 30 percent off.

Once you've figured out what your guests will be viewing the game on, you have to feed them. A good Super Bowl party has to have good food. The most popular Super Bowl party foods according to the Huffington Post are chicken wings, burgers, pizza, and chili.

A pound of chicken wings cost $1.97 this time last year. This year, plan on spending about $2.52 a pound. Why? Well, according to, the price of chicken wings has gone up because of high chicken feed prices due to droughts this past summer. Americans are expected to consume 12.3 million fewer wings this year because of demand and price.

Burgers are a great choice for a party. They are easy to prepare and will not cost a bundle if you do the prep and cooking yourself. The Acme Market at 2905 Whipple Ave. N.W. in Jackson currently has ground beef on sale for $3.59 a pound. Many markets in the area are also having sale on chips and dips.

Pizza is a great Super Bowl food and with luck, you will probably find some deals. estimates that Papa John's will be selling over 900,000 pizzas on game day. You are sure to find a good pizza deal with most chains averaging at $10 for a large pizza.

Beer has to be on the list for a Super Bowl party. At my party, I encourage guests to bring their own. That way, costs are down and everyone can enjoy his or her own preferred beverage.

Giant Eagle at the Belden Village Strip sells several kinds of beer. A 12 pack of beer will cost about $12.49 with 24 packs going for close to $18.00.

Of course, a good Super Bowl party has plenty to eat and drink, but a great Super Bowl party makes sure everyone makes it home safely. Have an extra bed or couch ready for partygoers whoíve had one too man of his or her favorite adult beverages.

Some people may want to forget about the costs, messes, and stress associated with throwing a party and head out to an area bar or club to watch the Super Bowl. Many establishments will be hosting parties with food and drink specials.

With an estimated 111 million viewers on Sunday, the Super Bowl continues to be an American tradition. Whether you are planning a party, going to a friend's house, or hitting your favorite bar, be sure to be careful and thrifty and may the best team win.