The telecast was its usual lumbering brontosaurus, and Seth MacFarlane's attempt to use both old-school humor (and singing) along with the expected bad taste was not all that successful. In fact, at times they were downright bad.

And who thought a song AFTER the best picture was announced was a good idea. It reminded me of how University of Akron sports events end with the "I believe" chant and the alma mater -- as most people are streaming toward the exits. Not interested, Seth and Kristin. It's late, and people have to work soon.

As for the last big awards, after the Ang Lee best-director surprise, the final three all went to the expected winners: "Argo," Daniel Day-Lewis and Jennifer Lawrence, Expected, yes, but not what I was hoping for aside from Day-Lewis.

"Argo" is a good picture, but it's not "Zero Dark Thirty," as will be clear when we discuss this 5 or 10 years from now.

Lawrence is fabulous, adorable, an excellent actress (if you thought she was good in "Silver Linings Playbook," go back to "Poker House" and "Winter's Bone" to see even more terrific moves). But Jessica Chastain was more deserving this year -- and is compiling a big, serious resume while Oscar is pointing elsewhere.

I keep thinking that Lawrence was helped by having a BIG box-office movie this year ("The Hunger Games")as well as the prestigious "Silver Linings," and by being young -- so she could be taken seriously and acknowledge Hollywood's commercial side, and reach out to an audience that won't see most Oscar films.

But now we are done for another year.