On Friday night local indie rock band Time Cat, which has been toiling in bars for nearly seven years, will record a live album and an accompanying concert documentary at Akron Recording Studio.

The band — singer/songwriter/guitarist Jeri Sapronetti, drummer “Jammin’ ” Sam Caler and bassist Colten Huffman — are regulars on the local circuit. They opened for the Pretenders’ most recent Akron show, had their song Lily Rose in rotation on 91.3 The Summit and headlined the main stage at the Highland Square Porch Rokr. They got a bit of national attention from the online magazine Noisey and a sponsorship in 2017 from Spirit Airlines that took them to Los Angeles for some shows.

Locally, the trio is known for its high-energy, irony-free rock ’n’ roll shows featuring frontwoman Sapronetti intensely stalking or gleefully jumping around or leaning back on her knees, whaling on her Les Paul, as Caler whacks his drums with a zeal and skill that rivals the Muppets’ Animal and Huffman plays it cool anchoring the groove.

Time Cat (named for Lloyd Alexander’s children’s book), has two full-length albums, their debut Your City as a guitar/drum duo and the 2016 self-titled album as a trio, along with a few EPs and singles, offering well recorded examples of the band’s mix of classic and indie with the occasional dash of punk. But it’s on the stage where their rock power truly manifests.

“I was talking to some people, some friends, and showing them some new songs I had, and they were talking about how they love the recordings,” Sapronetti said after a lengthy rehearsal.

“But they want to hear the real raw. How it actually sounds instead of something all produced and having (stuff) on the album that we can’t replicate. So I figured I’d listen to the people, listen to my friends, and Colten has always wanted something raw as well.”

For the special evening the band will be augmented with some multimedia. Sapronetti and a friend created a “real weird psychedelic movie” in black and white that will play behind the band along with a “liquid light show,” courtesy of an old school overhead projector and colored mineral oils.

“It’s so ridiculous … it should sufficiently hypnotize the people,” she said laughing. “I just figured everyone was so used to their screens so you have to stimulate their brains more then the (freakin’) phone can. You have to attack them visually as well. It’s going to look awesome.”

The choice of the relatively new Akron Recording Studio, at 243 Furnace St., also makes the show special. It’s owned by local musicians Nate Butcher of the psych-tinged See Creatures and Ben Patrick of garage rockers The Dreemers.

“I thought it could be a cool event there rather than just, ‘aww, we’re playing at Musica opening for some band no one cares about,’ ” Sapronetti said.

The setlist will include Time Cat classics and fan favorites as well as a few new songs for their upcoming third full-length album, which they plan to record shortly after the show.

The live album will be released in digital and CD form just in time for PorchRokr 2018 on Aug. 18, and a vinyl version later.

Following their L.A. experience, where they did shows with Akron transplants Extra Spooky and Shuggie Shooter, Sapronetti hopes to use their Spirit sponsorship to play out of town more and ideally acquire a manager, agent and/or booker to raise the band’s profile and take those duties out of her already full hands.

“It’s too much. I don’t have another 10 years of trial and error and it’s hard to learn. Being in charge of all of it is a pain in the (tuchis),” she said. “I want my life to consist of only playing and traveling and playing while traveling.”

Tickets for the live recording are $10 pre-sale from the band members or $12 at the door.

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