Leaders in the housing industry work daily to ensure that the highest standards are met when it comes to quality, safety, and fair practices. Under the National Association of Home Builders, your county’s local HBA should have a vision that matches the national level while still attending to the individual needs of the immediate community. As a homeowner, you deserve the best when it comes to finding a service provider in the building, supplying, and remodeling industry. And a certified member of a local HBA is the best you can get.

The Home Builders Association serving Portage & Summit Counties has one mission: “Helping you BUILD your American dream!”

All of their active members are listed on their website, meaning homeowners have access to them via the ‘Find a Service’ tab. Here you can search for a builder/remodeler, service provider, or supplier that fits your specific needs. Over 800 companies are currently part of the Summit and Portage Counties HBA and take advantage of member benefits to better serve their local customers.

“Since 1943, we have been representing the interests of home builders and their associates, as well as helping our members promote their businesses,” says http://www.akronhba.com.

In addition to advertising and growth opportunities, the HBA also offers members the chance to network with each other and share professional advice. They also have classes, workshops, and seminars that are built to improve on their member’s skills and continue educating them in ways that are relative to their fields. These are all valuable resources that local businesses cherish for the reputation of their companies. Not only do they help to strengthen companies as a whole, but also they directly benefit customers in the form of finer quality service.

“I would not be in business today if it wasn’t for the contacts I’ve made through the HBA,” says Tony Crasi of Crasi Company Inc., past President of the Home Builder’s Association of Portage and Summit Counties.

By choosing an HBA certified member to do business with, you, as a homeowner, are supporting the HBA’s vision of a progressive housing industry. You’re supporting a commitment to codes and standards, and most importantly, you’re supporting a local company that serves the community. Your home deserves nothing less than the best, and with an HBA supported business, the best is what you’re getting.

To learn more about the HBA serving Portage and Summit Counties and to view a complete list of their current members, please visit http://www.akronhba.com. You can also call them at (330) 869-6800. If you’re a business who is interested in becoming part of the HBA, you can also look their membership brochure to read more about why joining them benefits both you and your clients.