Francesca Stygar, advertising writer

A move is a big event whether youíre a single individual or an entire family. Between packing all your belongings and making sure that everything is ready at your new home or apartment, things can get pretty stressful. Here are a couple helpful tips that Iíve learned along the way from moving:


Itís not unreasonable to think that moving out of an apartment or house means you need to get everything packed up and transferred to the new place as soon as possible. In some situations this may even be inevitable. However, youíll find that pacing yourself and doing all your moving in increments is much easier on your stress levels. Start by packing up and cleaning one room at a time. If you know how far out the move is ahead of time, plan your packing accordingly and pace yourself in a way that wonít be hard on day-to-day living.


Moving even just one city over can mean dealing with entirely new utilities companies so do your research ahead of time. Check with the city or a landlord to find out who these companies are and get in contact with them as soon as possible. Let them know what day you plan on moving in so that they can get your gas, water, electricity, etc. running and in your name so that youíre not stuck without lights for a week. If youíre moving out of state itís even more important to get your utilities sorted out ahead of time since youíll want the travel to go as smooth as possible.


Despite how stressful moving can be itís a great opportunity to sort through your belongings and decide what you want to come with you to your new place. Itís also a great opportunity to throw out or donate any extra baggage. For example, if you want to celebrate moving into your new home with a new tableware set, donate your old one. Not only will this save you from having to worry about packing fragile plates and dishes, but youíll have one less thing to haul into the moving van. The less you have to pack, the easier your move will be, so why not lighten the load a little?


A week or so before your move-in date, visit a local post office or and fill a change of address form. Once processed by USPS, all of your mail will start being sent to your new address as opposed to the old one. This can be critical for receiving bills and important packages so donít forget to do this before youíre settled in. In the event that some of your mail doesnít get forwarded in time, get in contact with a neighbor from your old location and ask them to keep an eye out for you. Check in with them after a couple weeks to make sure that youíre not missing out on any wayward mail.

To be honest, keeping a list of all the stuff I needed to do for my moves was the most useful way for me to keep track of it all. Make a check list of these tips and others, and youíll be that much more organized. Moving can be a long, stressful event, but anything you do to make it easier on yourself will be well worth it.