Here is a look at where Ohio stands on implementing President Barack Obamaís federal health care overhaul, which the Supreme Court ruled Thursday can go forward:

NUMBER OF UNINSURED: More than 1.5 million state residents are uninsured, or about 14 percent.

WHERE THE STATE STANDS: Ohio has not moved to create a health care exchange but is evaluating its options. It received a $1 million federal exchange planning grant in 2010. Republican Gov. John Kasichís administration has taken advantage of some parts of the new law to expand coordinated care and propose changes to Medicaid eligibility. Democrats have unsuccessfully pushed bills in the legislature to set up a state-run exchange. But Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor, who is also Ohioís insurance director, frequently criticizes the overhaul and says itís premature to plan for an exchange without further clarification from the federal government.