Q.: I have a recipe for a pumpkin pie cake that calls for Milnot and I do not know what it is. Is there a substitute if I cannot find it?

Kyra Hayn

Cuyahoga Falls

A.: Milnot is the brand name for an evaporated filled milk, which is owned by Smuckerís in Orrville.

According to the consumer relations help line at Smuckerís, Milnot milk is an evaporated milk that has had its butterfat removed and replaced with soy oil, which is why it is referred to as a ďfilledĒ milk. It also has vitamins A, D and E added.

The removal of the butterfat makes it cholesterol free.

Milnot is not available in grocery stores within a 40-mile radius of downtown Akron, according to Smuckerís consumer relations. You can purchase it online at the Smuckerís store. Go to www.onlinestore.smucker.com then look for the Milnot brand name.

If you donít want to order online, where you will have to purchase a multican pack, I recommend substituting an equal amount of traditional evaporated milk for the Milnot called for in your recipe.

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