Fussy Cleaners was not involved in the wedding dress mix-up that could prevent a Cuyahoga Falls teacher from wearing her mother’s veil at her own wedding.

The Akron-based dry cleaner couldn’t have been, because Fussy does not seal wedding dresses it preserves, said Jason Long, general manager at Fussy. He explained last week a bit about preservation and provided tips to safeguard wedding wear.

There are two philosophies for wedding gown preservation: Sealed and unsealed.

The idea behind a sealed preservation is to protect the wedding garment from light and moisture to prevent it from yellowing or falling apart. It works, Long said, but there are potential drawbacks.

Cleaners often depend on third parties to seal the gowns into opaque boxes. When the packages are delivered back to local cleaners, neither the cleaner nor customer knows whether the right wedding garb is in the box unless they open it, which defeats the sealed preservation.

Additionally, if any damaging moisture accidentally made its way into the sealed box, a family will only find out, often decades later, when it opens the box.

Fussy opts for an unsealed preservation.

It labels each gown with a bar code and sends it for cleaning at a central Akron facility before packing the gown and other items to be preserved into acid-free boxes.

At pickup, Fussy customers are encouraged to open the boxes to make sure they have the right gown. After that, Long advises customers to replace the lid and store the gown in a cool, dark space like a closet shelf.

Customers should open the box at least once every five years. If they notice any yellowing, Long tells them to bring the dresses back to Fussy for a cleaning fix.

No matter who preserves the gown, Long advises: Find a preservationist that friends and families trust; make sure the company uses tracking software for gowns through the cleaning and boxing process; and, if you opt for a sealed preservation, find a company that will let you inspect your wedding clothes after they have been cleaned, but before the box is sealed.