Look beyond the iconic red-and-white can for a couple of new kids from Campbell’s Soup.

Whimsically labeled microwaveable pouches hold six globally spiced soups in the Go line, from Spicy Chorizo and Pulled Chicken With Black Beans to Creamy Red Pepper With Smoked Gouda. Go’s hearty Moroccan Style Chicken With Chickpeas soup delivered a nice spicy kick.

Gourmet Bisques boast four flavors, with Sweet Potato Tomatillo a taste-tester favorite for its delicate tomatillo-lemon tang brightening the mellow potato.

Suggested retail prices: A 14-ounce Go soup is $2.99; an 18.3-ounce Gourmet Bisques is $3.49 at supermarkets nationwide. For more info see http://campbellsoup.com.

— Judy Hevrdejs

Chicago Tribune