A new kind of duct-sealing technology is now available in our area.

Aerosol duct sealing stops leaks in heating and air-conditioning ducts from the inside, making it easier to seal ducts that are hidden in walls or are otherwise inaccessible.

The technology, developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, involves blowing an aerosol of polymer particles into the ductwork. As the particles exit through a leak, they stick to its edges and build up to seal the opening.

Sealing prevents heated or cooled air from seeping out of the ducts and potentially saves money and energy, particularly when the leaks are in unconditioned areas.

Aerosol duct sealing is available from Aeroseal of Northeast Ohio, headquartered in Eastlake. The cost of sealing ducts in a two- or three-bedroom home would start around $2,200, the company says.

For information, visit www.usaductseal.com or call 440-269-8282.

Mary Beth Breckenridge