When we asked readers to weigh in on the products we tested this time for Does It Work?, the biggest response we received was about the Cat’s Meow.

Some loved it. Some thought it was a piece of junk.

Camille Liberman of Akron purchased three, but the plastic gears stripped on all of them. Carolyn Scherer of Kent has bought four, two of which quit working after what she described as a very short time.

Akron resident Sally Thompson’s toy is still running — in fact, maybe too well. It made her cat, Sammi, so rambunctious that she chewed the rubber end off the wand on one unit and then pulled the wand completely out. She’s also pulled the wand out of a second unit, but Thompson just keeps sticking it back in.

“It really keeps her busy,” Thompson wrote, “and she is begging me to turn it on as I write this!”

Hartville resident Marie Dachtler Fogle’s three cats love their Cat’s Meow, too — or so they told us in an email they claim they had Fogle write for them. Kay Woodard of Streetsboro, however, said her 10-year-old cat isn’t all that interested.

Julie Walker of Akron was displeased with her experience ordering a Cat’s Meow by phone. Despite specifying that she wanted only the buy-one-get-one offer she’d seen advertised, she said she was sent five of them, and her credit card was charged $77. “And guess what! NONE of them worked,” she wrote.

We also heard from a few readers on other products we tested for today’s story.

Vicky Bogus of Akron did not like her Chillow, which she said stayed cool for only 15 minutes. “Loved the concept, not the product,” she said.

Jan Hyne of Stow bought the GoGo Pillow to support her new Kindle Fire while she’s reading and typing, and she was just as impressed as we were. In fact, she bought one for her daughter-in-law.

Pat Metz of Clinton weighed in on the Zoomies, which she ordered to see the birds and the scenery up close. She returned them two days later.

“They are a joke. No matter how I adjusted them I could not see anything very well but a little blurry circle,” she wrote. “They are cheap and flimsy, so please tell people to save their money and use their binoculars.”

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