A new privacy film instantly turns windows from clear to nearly opaque and can even be controlled with a smart phone app.

Sonte Film adheres to glass much like static-cling window film and attaches to a power source. The film can be cut to fit and installed by a do-it-yourselfer.

The film contains liquid crystals that block light until electrical current passes through them. The current causes the crystals to align in a way that allows light to come through.

The film produces a slight haze in its transparent state, but itís still clear enough to see through. In its opaque state, it can be used as a projection screen.

Depending on the equipment you buy, the film can be controlled wirelessly with a smart phone or manually with a switch.

The film is available through Wednesday on Kickstarter, an online site that allows entrepreneurs to raise startup money. Investors can buy the film and accessories at prices ranging from $65 plus shipping for a nearly 2.7-square-foot piece of film with a manual control to $1,494 plus shipping for a Wi-Fi kit with enough film to cover about 86 square feet. The latter is expected to sell for $1,765 once the Kickstarter offer ends.

More information and a link to the Kickstarter page are at http://sonte.com.

ó Mary Beth Breckenridge