As you contemplate all those “where to go in 2018” lists, here’s a list of places to avoid in the new year, cited by Fodor’s, the travel guidebook publisher, cites places plagued.

The Galapagos: Ecuador heavily regulates tourism in the Galapagos, but fragile ecosystems remain vulnerable.

Places that don’t want you to visit: Too many tourists in places like Venice and Amsterdam have resulted in a local backlash against visitors.

Taj Mahal: In 2018, the Taj Mahal’s dome will get its first thorough cleaning since the monument was built 369 years ago. A mud paste and scaffolding are being used.

Phang Nga Park, Thailand: Fodor’s says “the rush to paradise has overwhelmed” some of Thailand’s beaches with pollution and overuse.

Myanmar: It’s a pariah because of a violent campaign against the Rohingya minority.

Mount Everest: Fodor’s says it just isn’t worth the danger (six people died climbing there in 2017) and the cost ($25,000 to $45,000).

Missouri: There is an NAACP travel advisory for the state, citing reports that African-Americans were more likely than whites to be stopped by law enforcement officers there, as well as other incidents and policies that raise questions about discrimination.

Honduras: The murder rate has dropped but it’s still among the deadliest places on Earth.

Great Wall and Beijing: Fodor’s cites the deterioration of sections of the Great Wall of China and air pollution in Beijing.

Cuba: New rules of the Trump administration are complicated and the mysterious illness reported among American embassy workers is worrisome.