People helping people

 People Helping People is a list of charitable causes in our area that need donations or volunteers. The Beacon Journal has not investigated these causes, so donors should verify their worthiness and the tax-deductibility of contributions.

The Beacon Journal will again help match charities with supporters with its annual People Helping People listing. The feature helps nonprofit organizations advertise their needs and helps readers find causes they'd like to help.

Charitable efforts need not be holiday-related to be listed. However, the listings are only for groups and individuals seeking to help others. People asking for help for themselves will not be included.

Only organizations located in or serving Summit, Stark, Portage, Medina and Wayne counties will be included.

Nonprofit organizations and causes may submit information here. (Note: The form works only with Internet Explorer.)

For questions, contact 330-996-3902 or [email protected].

Before you write a check to a charity or sign up for a volunteer stint, find out a bit about the cause you intend to support by reading our tips on giving.