DAYTON: About 32,100 Ohioans have until April 15 to claim an estimated $24.5 million in income tax refunds left over from 2010.

The Internal Revenue Service estimates that half of the refunds in Ohio are for more than $560. If the refunds arenít claimed, the federal government gets to pocket them.

The money comes from employers who withheld money for income taxes for employees who didnít file for a refund.

IRS spokeswoman Jennifer Jenkins told the Dayton Daily News that most of the people who have money coming likely are among the working poor and didnít file because they didnít realize money was owed to them. Some probably didnít meet the filing requirement of $10,000.

ďYou may not be required to file a tax return, but it may benefit you to file because you may get money back,Ē Jenkins said.

She said many of the people who are owed could be among the 20 percent of Americans who qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit but didnít claim it. The credit allows people to get more money back than they paid in.

The IRS holds on to unclaimed money for three years before it becomes property of the U.S. Treasury.

ďI donít understand why they donít file,Ē said Alan Poplinski, who volunteers at the Job Center in Dayton helping people file their taxes. ďIf you pay $10 on your wages, itís your money. Go after it.Ē