Here’s how area charter schools answered questions when contacted for information about school managers, school boards and board meeting times.

Operated by public schools

Akron Digital Academy — 335 S Main St., Akron. Called Jan. 23 and spoke with Superintendent David Bowlin, who offered to send requested information via email. Reporter sent two emails. No responses received.

Schnee Learning Center — 2222 Issaquah St., Cuyahoga Falls. Called Feb. 18 and left voice mail. No response.

Massillon Digital Academy Inc. — 930 17th St. NE, Massillon. Called Jan. 16 and left message for Janie Egan, the superintendent’s secretary. No response.

Falcon Academy of Creative Arts — 2900 State Route 43, Mogadore. Called Jan. 21 and spoke with Kelly Tate, program coordinator assistant. Tate forwarded call to Principal Margo Snyder; left voice mail. No response.

Greater Summit County Early Learning Center — 2141 Pickle Road, Springfield Township. Called Jan. 21 and spoke with Dr. Sarah Jackson and Teresa Graves. They provided all information and offered to be a source for stories.

Operated by corporations

Charter School Specialists

Akros Middle School — 265 Park St., Akron. Called Jan. 30 and received some information, but was then asked to leave name and number for the superintendent. No call received. Called Feb. 6 and spoke with Superintendent Christina Burchfield, who said to call Charter School Specialists. Called Charter School Specialists Feb. 11 and left a number. A representative from Charter School Specialists returned the call that day and left message saying he would call the next day. No call received.

GEMS Global Network

Believe to Achieve-Canton — 101 Cleveland Ave. NW, Canton. Called Feb. 4. The man who answered said “no,” to all questions except one. When asked for names and contact information for board members, he said: “I don’t trust you with that information.”

ICAN Schools

Akron Preparatory School — 1200 E Market St., Suite 3360, Akron. Called Jan. 30 and was told to contact the main office in Cleveland. Called ICAN Schools, and recording said to leave a message. Voice message was left. No return call received.

Canton College Preparatory School — 2215 Third St. SE, Canton. Called Feb. 6 and was transferred to Susan (no last name given), an intervention specialist, who had some answers. She transferred call to voice mail; message was left. No return call received. Email sent Feb. 11 to Heather Stevens, executive director of school accountability at ICAN Schools. No response.

Imagine Schools

Imagine Akron Academy — 1585 Frederick Blvd., Akron. Called Jan. 21 and spoke with Jeanette Twitty, office manager, who asked, “What do you do with this information?” Reporter was put on hold. When Twitty returned, she said Superintendent Wendy Hubbard, “would not like to give out any information because that’s something she hasn’t heard of.” Reporter offered to fax the request. Twitty responded, “OK, you can fax it over. If she’s interested, she’ll give you a call back or fax it back. If she’s not interested, you won’t hear from her.” No response. Second call Feb. 3, Twitty told the reporter: “Like I said before, we are not interested in participating. Please don’t call back again.” Reporter visited school website and sent email via the “Contact Us” service. On March 25, Imagine Schools in Arlington, Va., responded with all the information.

Imagine Leadership Academy, also known as Imagine Romig Road Community School, 2405 Romig Road, Akron. Reporter called Feb. 3 and left voice mail. Edward Hayes Jr., a lawyer for Imagine Schools, sent an email Feb. 6 saying he has learned from several schools that The NewsOutlet was “seeking public information. We are in the process of gathering the information that you have requested so that we may forward it to you.” On March 25, Imagine Schools in Arlington, Va., responded with all the information..

Imagine on Superior — 1500 Superior Ave. NE, Canton. Same as Imagine Leadership Academy.

Summit Academies

Summit Academy Akron Elementary School — 2503 Leland Ave., Akron. Email requesting information for all Summit Academy schools sent Jan. 9 to the management company. Received all requested information via email Jan. 14 from David A. Norman, chief communications officer at the management company.”

Summit Academy Akron Middle School — 2791 Mogadore Road, Akron. Same as above.

Summit Academy Community School for Alternative Learners-Canton — 1620 Market Ave. S, Canton. Same as above.

Summit Academy Secondary - Akron — 464 S. Hawkins Ave., Akron. Same as above.

Summit Academy Secondary - Canton — 2400 Cleveland Ave. NW, Canton. Same as above.

White Hat Management

Garfield Academy — 1379 Garfield Ave. SW, Canton. Called Feb. 3 and was referred to the management company. Email requesting information sent Feb. 3 to Shannon Allen at White Hat Management. No response received.

Life Skills Center of Canton — 1100 Cleveland Ave. NW, Canton. Email requesting information sent Feb. 3 to Shannon Allen at White Hat Management. No response.

Life Skills Center of North Akron — 1458 Brittain Road, Akron. Called Jan. 16, spoke with administrator Steve Garton, who referred reporter to a phone number at management company. Reporter called White Hat Management and was referred to Shannon Allen and transferred to her voice mail; and left a voice mail. No response received. Email requesting information sent Feb. 3 to Allen. No response.

Life Skills Center Of Summit County — 2168 Romig Road, Akron. Called Jan. 14 and spoke with Monica Speights, coordinator for school improvement. She asked for reporter’s name and number and said she would call back. No call received. Email requesting information sent Feb. 3 to Shannon Allen at White Hat Management. No response.

Brown Street Academy — 1035 Clay St., Akron. Email requesting information sent Feb. 3 to Shannon Allen at White Hat Management. No response.

University Academy — 107 S. Arlington St., Akron. Same as Brown Street Academy.

Independent schools, or management company is unknown.

Beacon Hill Academy — P.O. Box 285, Mount Eaton. Called Feb. 4 and spoke with a secretary who took a message for the principal. Call not returned.

Main Street Preparatory Academy — 388 S. Main St., Akron. Send an email Feb. 3 requesting information. No information received.

Project Rebuild Community School — 1731 Grace Ave. NE, Canton. Called Jan. 10 and spoke to Joseph Cole, superintendent/principal, who answered everything except for board member information. Cole said he would fax the information on board members. Information was not received.

The Next Frontier Academy — 4663 Anderson Road, South Euclid. Called Feb. 14 and spoke with Principal Tarik West, who provided everything except board member information. West said board member information would be available at the website of the school sponsor, Tri-County ESC. No board information is listed on the site.

Towpath Trail High School — 275 W. Market St. Akron. Called Feb. 14 and received all information from Andrew Talcott, director of media.

Because of the overwhelming challenge, not all schools were called. These are the area schools not contacted: Colonial Prep Academy, 2199 Fifth St. SW, Akron; The Edge Academy, 92 N. Union St., Akron; Liberty Preparatory School, 741 Winkler Drive, Wooster; Middlebury Academy, 88 Kent St., Akron; Rittman Academy, 100 Saurer St., Rittman; STEAM Academy of Akron, 1350 Virginia Ave., Akron.

Information provided by the NewsOutlet.