Late Akron Reserve Officer Harold Wintrow’s name was added this year to the Akron police department’s memorial.

Now, the city wants to see his name on the National Peace Officers Memorial Wall.

Akron City Council passed a resolution last week urging the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund to include Wintrow on the memorial wall in Washington, D.C.

Wintrow was shot through the spine in an incident in April 1965 that claimed the life of Officer Eugene Hooper and seriously injured Officer Frank Mancini. Wintrow died in 1993 from complications he suffered from the shooting.

The Akron Police Department’s request that Wintrow’s name be added to the wall was denied because he was a reserve officer. The city is now trying again.

“This man did lose his life in the line of duty,” said Councilwoman Marilyn Keith, who has been circulating a petition to have Wintrow included on the national memorial. “It’s just an atrocity that his name not be on the wall.”

Councilman Mike Freeman said he and many others saw Wintrow sitting on the porch of his Manchester Road home in a wheelchair for many years.

Hooper and Mancini, who died last year, are on the national memorial wall.