Akron police have a mystery to solve and it centers on a gold watch apparently given to a retiring Firestone tire worker more than 60 years ago.

Police believe the Elgin watch made of 14 carat gold was taken during a burglary. The problem is detectives don’t know who it was stolen from or when.

The watch was engraved with the name Adolf Panatzer and included the words Firestone, retired and 1948.

The watch has since been melted down for its gold content after it was sold to an Akron pawn broker in April for $35.

Police say the seller is a burglary suspect in another case.

Detectives believe the watch could have been stolen in another burglary.

Panatzer died in the 1960s.

“I have reasons to believe it was stolen. I just don’t know where or who it was stolen from,” said detective Paul Hooper. “This is just a shot in the dark to see what we come up with.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Hooper at 330-375-2490.