Beacon Journal staff

AKRON: The Summit County Board of Elections has decided to stick with its original decision to deny ballot access to an independent candidate for Cuyahoga Falls mayor.

The board notified Stephen Dabney on Friday of its decision, which was made after the Summit County Prosecutorís Office consulted with the Ohio Secretary of Stateís Office about Dabneyís appeal to be permitted to run despite a petition problem.

Dabney made question marks and circled some names on his petition that he wasnít sure would be valid, then didnít count those questionable signatures in the tallies on his circulator statements.

The common practice for the board is to dismiss only names that have been crossed out. This meant the board counted signatures Dabney had dismissed, making his number of submitted signatures and his signature tallies not match.

Dabney told the board he didnít realize he needed to cross out questionable names if he wasnít counting them.