Seeing a couple celebrate 50 years of marriage is wonderful, but not tremendously unusual. This is tremendously unusual.

Linda and Dick Hackathorn have celebrated each of their 50 wedding anniversaries in a different state.

Which means — yep — they’ve covered them all.

Dick grew up on the Portage Lakes and graduated from Archbishop Hoban in 1963. He and Linda were married in 1967 in California and were living there during their first year, but they returned to Akron on their anniversary for his brother’s graduation.

One down.

The Hackathorns didn’t start thinking about the different-state-each-year concept until they realized in Year Four that, just through happenstance, they were four for four.

Year Two was in Colorado because Dick was stationed there in the Army, working at the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, the 5-acre nuclear-bomb-proof military installation built below 2,000 feet of granite.

Year Three was in New Mexico for a wedding, and during Year Four Dick was in grad school at the University of California at Irvine.

The first “planned” state was Utah, where they stayed in a cabin at Zion National Park.

The final stop, about two weeks ago, was Branson, Mo.

The Hackathorns documented each anniversary and have posted photos and the 50-year itinerary on an elaborate website,

But now they’ve run out of states. Maybe next year their relationship will finally sour and, with a tip of the dusty hat to Jackie Gleason, that trip will be “straight to the moon.”


The evil mainstream media strikes again.

A TV station in Fort Myers, Fla., is being sued by a state attorney because it aired a story that left the prosecutor with “hurt feelings.”

The WBBH story was prompted by a report from the U.S. Justice Department that essentially said Prosecutor Stephen Russell had a habit of not issuing arrest warrants for suspects unless a conviction appeared to be a sure thing.

Because of that policy, the report said, Fort Myers has a much-higher-than-average number of unsolved murder cases.

The suit said the prosecutor “suffered and will continue to suffer humiliation, mental anguish, hurt feelings and injury to his reputation.”

Which led to this quip from Rubber City Radio honcho and longtime local political provocateur Ed Esposito:

“I must’ve missed [news of] the former mayor becoming a prosecutor.”


Colleague Mark J. Price copy edits dozens of stories per day, so he has a good handle on local events. And he has noticed something that goes against conventional wisdom.

“With all these recent killings in the suburbs — Copley, Lake Township, North Royalton, Beach City, Hinckley, etc. —maybe it’s time for people to start moving back to the city where it’s safer.”


Bob: Maybe you can answer this for me.

Once in a while, I will stop by McDonald’s for a sausage biscuit or just a plain biscuit.

I go to different McDonald’s depending on where I am traveling. Whether the chain is owned by the corporation or owned by an individual, the price is the same.

Sausage biscuit sandwich is $1.39. HOWEVER, and I mean a big HOWEVER, if you buy a plain biscuit, is it $1.40. A penny more for the biscuit without sausage.

I questioned this at two different McDonald’s in two different cities and both answers were, “The prices are set by the corporate office.”

You spend the same amount of time making the biscuits and less time wrapping the plain biscuit, since you do not have to take five seconds to put the sausage on it.

I am a senior and have been out of school for almost 50 years, but this doesn’t make sense to me. Because you have been in school more recently than me, I am sure you will come up with a funny answer.

Sharon M. O’Neil

Sharon Township

Sharon: You’re really putting the pressure on me to be funny.

I can’t think under pressure. I break out in a sweat and quiver and twitch and drool and expel gas and my brain freezes up. So I have no answer.

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