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Although the partial teardown of one of the two huge B.F. Goodrich smokestacks began more than a month ago, the city of Akron still doesn’t know exactly what will be done with the best of the old bricks. But it seems likely the public will be able to buy a limited number for souvenirs.

“We have not yet finalized our plans,” says City Hall spokeswoman Ellen Lander Nischt, “but we are exploring options for selling them — either engraved or with a plaque.”

So far the city has managed to salvage about 100 decent-looking bricks.

Elusive literacy

On a big sign in front of Summit Academy Plaza, home of the charter Akron Elementary School, was an ad for “Family Litercy Night.”

Yep, l-i-t-e-r-c-y.

No irony there, eh?


Bob: I recently spent a week in [Summa] Akron City Hospital on the fifth floor. Over that time, I had 10 or 12 RNs who were wonderful. Their skill, compassion and kindness are exceptional.

The day after I got out, I was asked by a friend who did not know I had been in the hospital what I had done the previous night. I decided to play like politicians and national reporters and spin the story this way.

“I spent last night with a beautiful 25-year-old blonde who woke me several times to take care of all my needs and brought me coffee in bed the next morning.”

It takes a special person to be a nurse. They deserve our admiration.

James Smith

Broadview Heights

James: I appreciate them, too — my younger daughter is a nurse — but the only reason you made it into the column was the quip about your night. Nicely played.


Bob: An amazing statistic:

According to “those who know,” federally legal toilets use 1.6 gallons of water per flush. Older toilets — those that do not require an accompanying plunger — may use up to 7 gallons.

Number of Hudson households, according to Wikipedia: 7,640.

Number of pesky stinkbugs in Hudson: gazillions.

Number of stinkbugs flushed down the toilet per day per household: 2.5.

Gallons of water used sending these fellows to an odorless, watery grave per day: 30,560.

Per year: 11,154,400

And that’s probably a lowball figure. Lots of antique fixtures in Hudson.

John Bovyer


John: No doubt. In Hudson, new toilets have to be approved by the architectural review board.


Adam “The Bull” and Dustin Fox were talking last week on WKRK (92.3-FM) about the hamstring injury suffered by the Cavs’ J.R. Smith, and how the team should make sure Smith didn’t come back too fast and make the injury worse.

Said The Bull: “I think the Cavs know the same things we do.”

Ya think?


Hudson resident Cheryl Gerbracht found this amusing little item in her second-favorite newspaper, the Hudson Hub.

It was listed under “Trespassing.”

“Police were called to Darrow Road shortly before 6:30 p.m. for a reported green van parked behind a vision center. The caller told police that no one should be there.

“When police arrived, a neighbor came out and told police the van was parked there to hide it due to a surprise party.

“There was no word if the person was surprised.”

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