Bob: My wife and I appreciated your column about gathering vital information that our children will need when we die.

We have created a notebook that has much of the information you talked about. We also planned our funerals, including which Scripture readings and hymns to use.

My wife has written her obituary in the first person; I still need to do that.

Also, we purchased two freestanding niches for our cremains in the Good Shepherd section of Holy Cross Cemetery. In fact, our names and birth years are already inscribed on the front.

We plan to go out to the cemetery and get a picture of us in front of the niches — you know, kind of like a “before” and “after” picture.

And you are sure to love this: We paid for the niches and burial costs with our Royal Caribbean Visa card, which earned us enough points that we were able to cash in on a cruise last fall. How’s that for ingenuity?

We hope more people follow your advice and plan ahead. We know we have made things a lot easier for our kids when the inevitable happens.

Russ O’Neill



Russ: Earning a cruise via funeral expenses? Nice touch! The phrase “cheating death” comes to mind.


Bob: Noticed in your paper on Page A2 the “Walker for Judge Event.” Suggested donation $100 per person ... $250 per couple. WHAT?! Hope I never go in front of her ... .

Roger Carano



Roger: And if you bring three people, the suggested donation is probably $500.

It’s the new math. Embrace it.


The locations for legal pot-growing businesses in Akron haven’t been selected yet, so we’d like to throw a few more nominations into the ring.

A colleague who didn’t want to be named (wonder why) came up with a preliminary list:

Stoner Street, High Street and Weeds Court in Akron.

Smokerise Drive in Stow.

Hempfield Lane in Hudson.

Greenleaf Road in Coventry Township.

Pipes Court in Sagamore Hills.

Yep, slow news day.


So, you thought the dollar coin was dead? The coins nobody wanted because they were easily confused with quarters and just didn’t seem like real dollars? The coins that seem to have completely disappeared from circulation?


They live. Susan B. Anthony. Sacagawea. U.S. presidents.

All of those people are hanging out inside the machine you use to pay your parking bill in the garage on Broadway across from the Summit County Courthouse in Akron.

Put in a $20 bill and you’re bombarded with metal dollars.

As the colleague who made the discovery noted, “I haven’t seen a Susan B. Anthony since the 1980s.”

It’s enough to make you want to park somewhere else.


Bob: I enjoyed your Joe Tait column. He was the best behind the microphone. Kind of like Rocco Scotti was at bellowing out the National Anthem. Cleveland sports have had some great ones, albeit mostly off the field.

As far as the NBA corporate logos are concerned, pick up a copy of “Rollerball” (1975) starring James Caan, the ultimate corporate takeover of what used to be sport.

Set in 2018 (interesting choice) as a substitute for all current team sports, the game devolves into a gladiatorial contest in which the Houston Energy Corp. and Jonathan E. reign supreme. Do we really want to go there?

Jim Valentine


Jim: I certainly don’t. But I’m not piloting that plane.

Next up: selling an advertisement on top of home plate. It’s just a matter of time.

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